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Woodrow The Blood Tracking Dog with Ammon McKinney

Woodrow The Blood Tracking Dog with Ammon McKinney

Southern Ground  /  Season 2 • Episode 37

Posted on March 08, 2018

“I don’t ever want to tell anybody that they can’t afford to have the buck of their dreams found.”

Show Notes

This week we’re talking with Alabama native & traditional archery hunter, Ammon McKinney. We discussed his best season ever that consisted of a dwarf buck he harvested named “Odd Job”, but the focus of our conversation was his legendary tracking dog, Woodrow. Ammon talks with us about how Woodrow became the tracking machine that he is today, and what he believes were the most important factors in his success. 

Ammon was also kind enough to recommend several different blood trailing resources for hunters in the south. You may never need a tracking dog, but when you do, you’ll be glad you have this info. 

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