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Spring Scouting

Spring Scouting

DIY Sportsman  /  Season 2 • Episode 36

Posted on March 07, 2018

Show Notes

On today's Episode, Garrett and Bobby talk spring scouting, or post season scouting depending on your climate. Historically they've each placed a very different level of reliance on this strategy of gaining intel on hunting land and sometimes look for very different things. Garrett uses spring scouting as a primary method for learning bedding areas and piecing together big picture research. Bobby on the other hand places little stock on spring scouting with a much larger reliance on real-time intel from in season scouting later in the year.

They also touch on shed hunting and why shed hunting and spring scouting shouldn't necessarily always be lumped together. Out west, shed hunting has recently been placed under a much larger spotlight due to issues with deer being pressured in their wintering areas in order for people to collect sheds to sell. Shed hunting restrictions and bans have even been put in place in many areas; however, there is still the large question of "where to draw the line" since people are still finding ways of blurring the boundaries while staying within the law. 

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