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You Get Out What You Put In

You Get Out What You Put In

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on August 31, 2020

Show Notes

Brooke Lanning of Medina, Ohio joins Lauren for a 1:1 conversation about Brooke’s journey into the lifestyle. Brooke enjoys many hobbies including working with horses, hunting upland game with English Pointers, shooting trap, and enjoying what the outdoors have to offer.

Starting with horses, Brooke’s journey has taken her from a love of barrel racing, herding dogs and upland hunting to currently following two American English Coonhounds into the woods at night alone among huge patches of poison ivy and crazy coyotes. Lauren and Brooke talk about how she handles, trains, and uses her hounds, what she’s learned along the way, and the way outsiders can negatively perceive things and what we can do to help that. They talk about the great ways the lifestyle has changed their course in life.

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