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Year of Sacrifice: Turning Slow Years into Reward

Year of Sacrifice: Turning Slow Years into Reward

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on September 06, 2021

Show Notes

Are there no bucks on your farm you're interested in hunting? Did your summer food plots fail due to too much browse pressure? Do you feel that the bucks aren't growing as big as you would have hoped for? These are common conversations we have during this time of the year, and when you're in this situation maybe it's time to reevaluate.

We're currently looking at having a year of sacrifice on Whistling Woodlands for several reasons. First, we finally have a logger who's able to log the entire farm. Second, We've noticed that the number of deer have increased over the last few years to a point of over browsing on some plots. Lastly, we've noticed very few bucks we're looking to harvest on the farm, likely do to th logging operation activity and the few number of deer because of only a few trail cameras out. With all these things happening we're looking to make this fall a year of sacrifice. Meaning, we're not focused on finding a hit list buck, but instead harvesting plenty of antlerless deer, and lowering the deer population.

With the logging going on, we know the habitat is going to get much better and the deer herd will follow the habitat increase. Like a lot of farms, the deer herd can get out of hand quickly so we're using this fall to make sure it doesn't happen anytime soon. ForLoveoftheLand

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