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World Wide Dream Hunts

World Wide Dream Hunts

Oklahoma Outdoors  / 

Posted on February 27, 2022

Show Notes

Did you know there are African safaris that are more affordable than a trophy elk hunt? Mckenzie Sims of Hunterz Hub is this weeks guest on the Oklahoma Outdoors podcast. Mckenzie has been fortunate enough to hunt all types of game from across the world. Originally from Wyoming, he has hunted more common destinations like Africa and New Zealand, but has also ventured into less touristy corners of the globe like Russia and even Pakistan. Mckenzie loves hunting far away places, and has a passion for helping others experience these hunts that many consider out of their grasp.

John and Mckenzie talk about some of the main hurdles that stand in peoples way from booking one of these dream hunts. They also talk about ways to navigate those hurdles, and make them less daunting. They discuss hunting Africa in quite a bit of detail since it is one of the more popular destinations, but Mckenzie also suggests some other destinations and game species that might interest someone looking for a more out of the ordinary experience. Also covered in the podcast are travel tips for taking a gun or bow abroad, and tips on how to get your trophies back to you in good condition.

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