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Wisconsin Hunt Breakdown

Wisconsin Hunt Breakdown

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on November 11, 2020

Show Notes

In this podcast I tell the story of how I scouted into an area that I ended up killing my biggest buck to date. From the time we left the truck, we'd gotten a near shot opportunity, climbed trees and hunted from the saddles, got back down and covered a total of 4.5 miles before finding a spot that dictated that we sit in ambush again. No sooner had we gotten set up on the ground than this guy came walking in, and I got my opportunity.

In the podcast I talk about the weather and its impact on the decisions we made, along with specifically what sign we saw that caused us to stop scouting and sit again. I also had this buck on camera from October a few times but nearly three quarters of a mile away at the time, and primarily nocturnal photos with with unpredictable travel. Mobility really was what made it happen.

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