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Wild Game Recruitment with Will Brantley

Wild Game Recruitment with Will Brantley

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on November 17, 2019

Show Notes

Will is from Kentucky where he enjoys chasing whitetails and squirrels. As the Hunting Editor for Field and Stream Magazine, will is in a roll where he is writing for new and veteran hunters alike. His articles are informative and quite detailed. Something about hunters, we always want to know caliber, gauge, pounds at draw, let off etc.

Will’s Article “Hunting is Much More than Meat:

Now it sounds like Will was put up to writing this article, not to blast the locavore movement, or foodies making elaborate wild game dishes. However to not sell hunting short by making it glorified grocery shopping. Many hunters or new hunters have different motivations. While Nick’s may be the chance to gain a beautiful backstrap, Will’s motivation to get up early and get cold could be entirely different. Another point that Will brought up was veteran hunters, who have served venison for decades and love it, are being off put by “newbies” who are telling them they are doing it wrong. It's a balancing act, as new hunters join and show their newness, veterans will be there to guide them, but don’t tell your mentor he overcooked his backstrap.

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