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Wild Game Recipes with Jeff Benda

Wild Game Recipes with Jeff Benda

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on March 28, 2021

Show Notes

Jeff Benda loves food. Growing up as a kid on an AirForce Base, he and his parents enjoyed their time at home in the kitchen. Whether it was making their own, or hearing about a great new restaurant to try, food was a common event. Jeff however couldn't realize his second dream of being an outdoors man until becoming an adult. As a kid, he watched fishing and sport shows Sunday morning before church, read familiar books like My Side of the Mountain. It wasn't till his friends invited him on a duck hunt back in 2002. Since then, Jeff has monopolized on his location in North Dakota being able to chase a whole host of animals from the Midwest and Western states.

Recipe creation is a task I find to be challenging. Might be that I’m putting too much thought into relaying to the reader why certain steps are important, or that I am a natural presenter and hack my way through writing. Jeff offered some insight that a recipe is more of a creative expression and be played and messed with. Don't like spice, omit it. Want the fire? Add more. Whatever you change though, make sure to make a note of it. Jeff keeps a journal handy as he's in the kitchen. Another thing that Jeff does is actually read cookbooks. Old ones, new ones, wildgame or completely domestic. He draws inspiration from this reading and keeps his creative jive alive.

Jeff recently published a mind blowing recipe of Jackalope Wellington. While I wish it was from an actual buck Jack, Jeff brough the backstrap of a cottontail and antelope together in a rich crowd pleaser.

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