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Wild Game Cooking with Ted Bright

Wild Game Cooking with Ted Bright

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on January 13, 2021

Show Notes

Ted Bright is one of those guys who takes an above average approach to overall health and wellness. Fitness and hunting are both large contributors, with most of his meat consumption coming from wild game, be it venison, wild turkey, or even other "non traditional" types of meat.

In this podcast we discuss Ted's primary approach to cooking venison, how he ages meat, why he likes to cook large amounts, like a whole shoulder, at once, and how he incorporates planned secondary dishes from leftovers of the primary meal. His methods are usually artsy in nature, rarely following a set recipe. He also utilizes venison fat much more commonly than the average deer hunter. We also touch on portions better suited for "hot and fast" versus "low and slow", cooking wild turkey, and even an experiment with groundhog.

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