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Why Coon Hunting with Hounds Matters

Why Coon Hunting with Hounds Matters

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast  /  Season 2 • Episode 1

Posted on January 10, 2019

Show Notes

Hunting raccoons with hounds is as culturally iconic as apple pie. Liberal hunting seasons, lots of raccoons, ample amounts of public land and fun with hounds are just part of the allure. Coonhunting is fun option to recruit new hunters and your kids will love it, too. Coonhunting is a great way to acquire some beautiful pelts and, from a conservation angle, temporarily get rid of nest predators.

In this podcast we go on a live coon hunt in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas with Clay Newcomb and a first time hunter, Jonathan Webster. They discuss the history of coonhunting, what tree dogs are, the history of Plott hounds and the how-to of free casting hounds for coonhunting. You’ll hear the dogs strike and tree a coon and be right in the excitement. Be sure to listen until the end when their conversation turns into a play-by-play coonhunt! Be sure to check out

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