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When Should You Call A Tracking Dog?

When Should You Call A Tracking Dog?

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on October 12, 2020

Show Notes

This week we're joined by our buddy Shane Simpson, talking all about tracking dogs: when you should call one, & what to do after the shot. You may know Shane from one of his many ventures: Calling All Turkeys, Shane Simpson YouTube, or the subject of this podcast... the Callie Chronicles. Shane has compiled a ton of data from his past several seasons as a tracking dog handler, and today you'll get to hear some of them. We go over specific scenarios, and Shane gives us the data to support his answers about the decisions you should be making after the shot. If you've bowhunted long enough, you know that sometimes a shot can be less desirable. It's just going to happen eventually. The good news is that today most states allow the aid of a tracking dog for your best chances at recovery. Unfortunately, a lot of bowhunters don't know how accessible a good tracking dog actually is in their area, so they make the mistake of pushing a hit deer and many times not recovering them. This is a great episode to start out the season, hopefully to help you make the best decisions on your next move after arrowing a whitetail.

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