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What Fall Food Plot Blend is Best For You?

What Fall Food Plot Blend is Best For You?

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Posted on July 20, 2020

Show Notes

Over the course of several years we have worked closely with Stratton Seed Company to develop many different blends for food plotters across the country. Without fail, we always get the question, what food plot blend should I plant? This broad question leads to many other questions. So this podcast addresses the benefits of each fall annual blend that Stratton Seed company offers. In addition, Keith Hammer of Stratton Seed Company joins us on the line to do the fall food plot blend breakdown.

Two of the top food plot contenders each and every fall is between the Legacy Blend and the Bounty Hunter Blend. Although composed of similar species, these two blends complete different objectives for the food plotter looking into the future. The Legacy Blend is dynamic and offers benefits from fall through the winter and well into early summer with a diverse blend including three different annual clovers. In comparison the Bounty Hunter provides great forage from fall through spring, but times out earlier than the Legacy Blend. These differences maybe the most important when it comes to deciding which one to plant. Find out which one is best for you. Don't forget about the clover options as well, both annual and perennial with the Emerge and Revival blends. Both are dynamic but accomplish different tasks in the food plot. The Revival blend is likely our favorite blend from the benefits it provides over the course of an entire year. It is important to remember that it is a perennial so this benefit comes year after year!

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