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What About The Ammo?

What About The Ammo?

Ohio Huntsman  / 

Posted on May 25, 2021

Show Notes

This week on the show we discussed the current ammo shortage and the various things that go along with it. We discussed when we think the ammo shortage may finally come to an end and how we think it will change the behaviors of many outdoorsmen. We discuss how the shortage is expected to take longer to recover due to the fact that many gun owners got blindsided and left without ammo and how we are seeing many more people just buying ammo anytime they see it available. We also discussed some of the crazy prices we have seen at local gun stores and gun shows across the area. We also talked about how we feel like the gun shortage has begun to recover due to the fact that there is little to no ammunition available for new gun owners. Additionally, we discussed how we do not think the reloading supplies in stores will be restocked for a long time due to the fact that most of that inventory is primarily made up of excess supplies from the major ammunition manufacturers.

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