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Western Hunt Recap

Western Hunt Recap

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on October 01, 2019

Show Notes

Garrett and Bobby both did planned Western bowhunts in early September. Bobby hunted mule deer bucks around timberline in the heavily hunted public lands in northern Utah. He talks about his strategy throughout the hunt, strategy behind camp location, water collection, and glassing. He was able to locate a couple of decent bucks and even place some stalks.

Garrett went elk hunting in an OTC Colorado archery unit. This steep, heavily timbered unit doesn't have the best elk numbers; however, they are definitely around and can be called in despite not being vocal. The strategy that Garrett and his hunting partner employed was to be very mobile and call often. Their encounters all occurred during stationary calling sequences. Garrett talks through all of these encounters, including a shot taken, with lessons learned and gear comments.

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