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Understanding Lake Erie Walleye

Understanding Lake Erie Walleye

Freshwater Bite  / 

Posted on October 22, 2020

Show Notes

There are a few spots and locations throughout the United States that are deemed or self proclaimed to be “Walleye Capital of the World”. One lake on that list is undeniable, in my opinion. A body of water so rich and a considered a “factory” for producing consistent large numbers and size of walleye is, Lake Erie. Having grown up near the shores of this historical body of water I can attest to the amount of fish that come out of there year after year. But how good is it truly from a biological standpoint? Many of us anglers can say it is great but many times there are often conflicting point of views between anglers and biologist.

I brought Matt Faust on the podcast today, a fisheries biologist from the Ohio DNR, to help us all better understand Lake Erie’s walleye population and what makes it such a “factory” of walleye. To understand it’s current state of production and health it is important to dive into the past and how Lake Erie has evolved and changed throughout the years. Matt shares some very in depth knowledge and statistics to help us all better understand how walleye produce, survive and thrive in Lake Erie’s ecosystem. Pay attention to feeding patterns and bait populations discussed during this episode to help you decide what lures to throw and where to find the schools of bait fish. The real success comes to those who pay close attention! Enjoy!!

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