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Under Rated Over Rated

Under Rated Over Rated

Ohio Huntsman  / 

Posted on June 08, 2021

Show Notes

This week on the show we had an old fashion round table discussion of products that we believe are either overrated or the flip side of that and don't get enough attention. The first overrated product was the 450 bushmaster/45-70 Government. Basically, the argument is these larger straight-walled cartridges are just not that superior to the old fashion 12 gauge shotgun and actually can be harmful as they are often "overkill" and cause an enormous amount of damage to the meat and therefore substantial meat loss. The next overrated product was 3.5" shells for both turkey and waterfowl. The argument here is that the added cost along with the added recoil just doesn't give you enough added performance benefit to justify their use. The last overrated product was the 350 legend. The argument here was the opposite of the overkill argument and we just are not sure that the round delivers sufficient ballistics downrange in a real world scenario to justify it's use over other similar rounds. Obviously, we are not against any of these things, as we own and/or use them all. We just feel that all the attention and use they get in the Ohio hunting community exceeds their actual value over other cheaper/more traditional options.

The under rated products included a good knife sharpening system to keep your knives razor-sharp. This makes processing your own game much easier and more enjoyable. Also red dot sights on both turkey and deer guns which allow for very rapid target acquisition which can be very important especially during opening day when the deer are often moving quickly through the cover. The last under rated product was rifled slugs for a shotgun. The ballistics and accuracy you can achieve with these slugs allows use out to well over 100 yards which covers 90% of deer hunters in Ohio. We just feel that with the straight wall cartridge craze, these old reliable slugs are often very overlooked.

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