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UKC World Coonhound Championship Winner Lane Denny

UKC World Coonhound Championship Winner Lane Denny

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on October 02, 2019

Show Notes

In this blockbuster episode Chris and Steve catch up with Lane Denny, the hottest handler in the exciting world of coonhound competition today. The Houndsman XP team captures Denny just six days after one of the most prestigious wins in the world of coonhound competition, the UKC World Coonhound Championship. The interview captures all the excitement of the 2019 World Championship in Iowa as well as showcasing this 23-year old’s amazing resume of wins including the PKC Youth World Championship in 2014 and the 2018 PKC Senior Showdown in which Denny won the keys to a brand new 4x4 pickup truck.

Handling a seven-year old Treeing Walker female coonhound named Emmy to each of the major wins, Denny introduces listeners to this amazing canine competitor and reveals the heart of a top-competing hander and hound team. Denny’s devotion to Emmy shines throughout this episode and leaves no doubt that here is a hunter totally in love with his hound.

Denny discusses his upbringing in Oklahoma, his earliest memories of coon hunting and takes the listener along on each of the casts as he relives his major wins. This is an episode for any lover or hounds and especially for those that possess, as does Denny, the overwhelming desire to compete. Houndsmen young and old will benefit from this energy-packed and inspirational interview with an extremely well-centered young man. This is a must-listen episode for anyone that has wondered why coon hunters enjoy competition hunting. It will also strike a chord with anyone that marches to the heartbeat of the hounds.

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