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UKC Autumn Oaks Coonhound Extravaganza Pt. 2

UKC Autumn Oaks Coonhound Extravaganza Pt. 2

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on September 20, 2019

Show Notes

Meet Lauren Vrany. Lauren, is 32-year old and hails from “the Great State of Wisconsin.” She dons the headset at the UKC Autumn Oaks event to tell her story in this exclusive Houndsmen XP interview. From cheese curds to hunting bears, this episode is packed with great stuff.

Chris and Lauren discuss her new journey into the word of hound ownership and hunting. A great story of how a rescued Bluetick coonhound recruited her into the sport of hunting with hounds is presented in this high energy and humorous episode.

Lauren is a free spirit who is not afraid to drive across the country to put her Blueticks to the test. Whether pulling her vintage RV to a northern Wisconsin bear camp or on a trip to the largest stage for coonhound performance, Lauren jumps into it with all the gusto and energy indicative of a person who is hooked for life.

Lauren and Chris discuss the challenges of being a woman in the sport, as well as her perceptions of women who are getting more and more involved in the sport of hunting with hounds. Her energy and candid views will be refreshing for Houndsmen XP listeners.

In a world where hunting is under attack and there is so much bad news for the future of hunting and hunters, listeners will be encouraged as they listen to Lauren’s story of beating the odds. In contrast to national statistics showing a decline in recruiting new hunters, her story is breath of fresh air for our beloved sport.

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