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Trout Fishing and Water Quality with a Fisheries Biologist

Trout Fishing and Water Quality with a Fisheries Biologist

Pennsylvania Woodsman  / 

Posted on June 10, 2021

Show Notes

Pennsylvania is home to more than 83,000 miles of streams, many of which hold respectable native trout populations. In the past decade, many high rain events have devastated creek channels thus affecting food webs and trout populations. In addition to weather, there are a number of point and non-point pollution sources that continue to impair cold water streams. This week we interview fisheries biologist, Clayton Good, who has participated in monitoring “unassisted “streams and patterns of native fish in North Central Pennsylvania.

Clayton has spent the last 8 years collecting data with state and private organizations like Trout Unlimited. In that time his passion for the sport of fishing has only grown! We tap into a bit of his working career as a fisheries biologist, the hurdles that our streams may be facing, and of course, fishing! Passion drives persistence and he has not struggled to find a way to land trout with his fly rod, whether it be in stocked creeks or the many mountain tributaries that hold native brook trout. Tune in for real time information as well as fishing stories and strategy!

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