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Three Key Skill-sets for Whitetail Hunting

Three Key Skill-sets for Whitetail Hunting

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on October 16, 2019

Show Notes

Through observation and study of other successful hunters, there are certainly common themes that keep showing up. In an effort to try and summarize those themes, I believe we can lump many of the key techniques or thought processes into one of three key areas of skill-sets: Analyzing big picture research, performing boots-on-the-ground activities, and general woodsmanship or knowledge of the animals we're pursuing. Some people will emphasize certain skills or techniques as being the key to their success, but often a deeper inspection shows a blend of scouting techniques combined with an underlying level of woodsmanship that is difficult to teach or express into words.

In this podcast I separate these skill-sets to identify certain tasks or methods that can improve your intimate knowledge with an area (boots-on-the-ground), ability to take a step back and gather larger scale intel from maps or observation (big picture), and why a huge stepping stone for a lot of people (woodsmanship) tends to be the lesser talked about gap for people to really tie everything together.

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