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This Does Not Equal That: Part #1

This Does Not Equal That: Part #1

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on June 07, 2021

Show Notes

Welcome to a new podcast format! We are going for a more visual learning experience, so please follow along closely with the podcast instructions to get the most out of each episode. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram account for photos that we reference during this podcast.

We closely examine two photos, calling out plant species, describing the structure or composition of the plants in each photo. In addition, we also answer the following questions, how does this benefit wildlife and how would we manage it? This podcast format will get your eye trained to observe the landscape the way we do. You have to have a critical eye to know how to improve habitat for whitetail deer, wild turkey, and bobwhite quail.

Let us know what you think! Thanks for joining us!

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