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The Mighty Cisco with Captain Bob Hinds

The Mighty Cisco with Captain Bob Hinds

Freshwater Bite  / 

Posted on April 15, 2020

Show Notes

The state of Michigan is truly an amazing destination for so many species of fish. Each pocket of the state holds a treasure and a true destination fishery for many types of fish. Grand Traverse Bay Area is a corner of the state that holds a special place with me. It is not only the place where my wife and I decided to start our little family but it is also an area with breathtaking views, gin clear water and home to one of the most diverse fisheries. Cisco, also referred to some as “lake herring” is one of those hidden treasures many anglers may have heard of but never quite figured out how to target. On this episode my good friend from Central Coast Angling, Bob Hinds, joins the podcast again to talk to us all about how, where and when to chase these tasty fish.

Cisco back in the early 1900’s were considered a forage fish but were highly sought after by commercial fisherman. This native species of the Great Lakes experienced a decline due to heavy commercial fishing over the years but due to recent conservation efforts are making a big comeback and are there for the sport angling anglers to pursue in healthy numbers. Bob talks all about some great tips on where to find Cisco this time of year and how to distinguish between them and Lake Trout on your fish finders. Bob is extremely knowledgable when it comes to catching Cisco and one of the few fishing guides in Michigan actively chasing them. Kick back and pass the time in quarantine as Bob and I discuss how to catch these amazing native, Great Lakes fish. The mighty Cisco.

Photo cred: @brianeavey on Instagram

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