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The Heart of the Issue with Dan Johnson

The Heart of the Issue with Dan Johnson

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on December 29, 2019

Show Notes

Today Nick sits down with creator and CEO of the Sportsmen's Nation Podcast Network, Dan Johnson. Dan harvested an incredible buck this past fall and wanted to try something new, the heart. We breakdown some of his initial expectations of the organ, and unpack the reaction from himself and the family members he served. Along with some other banter, this is a great conversation. Enjoy.

Show Notes:

Dan Johnson is the Host of several podcasts including his own Nine Finger Chronicles. Wanting to create a place where relatable, dedicated, and unique content would be available for a wide range of hunters, Dan created the Sportsmennation Podcast Network. Not only has he assembled a great line up of Podcasts, but writers, videographers, and (Lord willing) a library of wild game recipes.

Dan harvested an impressive buck this year and for a chance to take something away from the gut pile he pulled the heart. We discuss how the heart has it’s own unique characteristics that make it a desirable organ to keep, yet has a touch of odd factor that can turn away finicky eaters. After some trimming of vessels and outer layer, the heart shows it’s unique grain. Because it being the heart, it has a richer, bold flavor. You can’t mistake the venison tones. Dan referred to it as a slight “gamey” flavor, but not off putting. Together we draft up 3 dishes:

Dish One: Heart Rings. Basic, easy, hunt camp crowd pleaser. Slice heart into ½” rings, season and sear. On the larger rings, crack and egg on the inside, sear each side, serve.

Dish Two: Heart fajitas. Traditional Mexican dish, usually accompanied by tongue, liver, and tripe. Slice thin and a quick marinade in some adobo sauce, lime, oil, or a basic mexican seasoning. Pro Tip, add some cocoa powder to your Mexican sauces and marinade. Sear or grill, add to grilled veggies and tortillas.

Dish Three: Iowa Jalepeno Heart Poppers

Easy on the eyes, a blast of flavor. Half and core Jalepenos. Careful to not blast your face with juice or rub your eyes. Fill with: cream cheese, cheese, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked Peprika. Slice heart thin and add a slice to the top of the spread, wrap in bacon, grill poppers to a nice sear/touch of char.

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