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The Good, The Bad, and the 3pt Buck

The Good, The Bad, and the 3pt Buck

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on December 06, 2020

Show Notes

Nick elaborates on his archery season and upto the dreaded “deer season shutdown” for thanksgiving. Nick made the big purchase of a saddle and sticks this year. Choosing to be more mobile and adaptable. The Saddle is a Tethrd Phantom, with some borrowed Marine dump pouches, used to hold ammo for the SAW. The sticks are full length Hawk Helium Sticks, with the stock straps and buckles. To help with gaining elevation, Nick devised a DIY cinch-strap aider system. With a loop over the boot and the hook roughly knee height, held together by elastic cordage, this little mod allows 5’8” Nick to stand at 15’-18’ with little effort. Really stretching, can get to 20’+.

This new system became very valuable as Archery season 2020 presented new challenges of altered food sources, corn cover gone,and a dried up waterhole. Deer movement had changed and Nick had to adapt. New stand sites, moving each hunt, and utilizing new, unused access routes made it possible for Nick to be successful on the last day of Archery season. A 3pt buck came into range at his 5’o’clock. Nick double lunged the deer and recovered it 30 yds later. For guys who are introducing their kids to the outdoors, you will enjoy the deer drag now named “Little Colorado”. Traversing a steep ravine, dragging a deer a couple hundred yards, and a pouting 3 year old, who had to be carried.

Following the first week of gun season in Michigan, Nick and his crew had a 6 whitetail deer butchering party. Several means of take were used; rifle, shotgun, archery, and a 1987 GMC grain truck. Nick talks about how dividing up the work made it possible. Along with the note; if you leave your deer to be processed by your buds at the last minute, be ready to lose your tenderloins by being “shot up”.

Dish Breakdown: Marinaded Heart Tacos

Marinade: *Note this recipe is enough marinade for multiple hearts*

1/2 cup Olive Oil

1/4 cup Lime juice

1/4 cup Fresh Cilantro (2T dried)

Zest of 1 lime

3-4 Garlic cloves

1T Cuman

2T Chili Powder

Cayenne (taste for heat)

2T Salt

2T Cacao Powder

Run it all through the blender till smooth

Butterfly hearts and remove vessels, fat, veins, and silver skin

In a freezer bag, layer meat, marinade. Pull out as much air as possible.

Roll meat and marinade around once an hour, keep refrigerated 8-10 hours.

On a grill or skillet, get to high heat, sear hearts, browning, and a bit of char is good. Leave the inside rare to medium rare.

Slice thin, serve with fresh cilantro, diced onions, fresh lime juice (or anything you would like).

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