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The Big Show with Big Show Game Calls

The Big Show with Big Show Game Calls

Houndsman XP  / 

Posted on February 28, 2021

Show Notes

Big Show Game Calls owner and head coonhunter Josh Michaelis joins the podcast for an awesome discussion. Josh is a coonhound competition hunter that doubles down on his passion with custom game calls, particularly coon squallers. He also produces a Youtube Channel for Big Show Productions, featuring “The Show to Be Named Later”. Josh has interviewed the most recognizable and successful competition coonhound handlers in the game.

Josh and Chris go in depth about bridging the gap in the hunting world for the future of the Xtreme Performance Houndsmen. Josh lays out the recipe to success for interacting with hunters of other genres and how to gain and maintain access to private property to run his hounds on.

Josh, being a professional call maker, gives listeners a step by step instructional talk about how to properly blow a coon squaller for optimal success. He wraps up the session with a live demonstration of professional coon squalling.

Listeners will be entertained, while gaining valuable insight on hunting group interaction and successful hound handling skills.

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