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The Arctic Grayling Initiative with Nicole Watson

The Arctic Grayling Initiative with Nicole Watson

Freshwater Bite  / 

Posted on October 08, 2020

Show Notes

Arctic Grayling are a historic fish to us here in the state of Michigan as they used to inhabit the cool waters of the Au Sable River and other streams up until the early 1900’s when they rapidly disappeared completely. These fish were the only native salmonid to Michigan streams and could be easily identified by a sail like dorsal fin and blue slate colored body. Arctic Grayling were so abundant at one point that the town of Grayling was named after the salmonid. What you may not know however is how this unique looking fish disappeared from our northern rivers and streams. Why would such a healthy population completely be wiped out in such a short period? Attempts to reintroduce them to their native waters and bring them back have failed year after year. However, my guest this week, Nicole Watson is among a group of researchers looking to successfully reintroduce the Arctic Grayling back to its native waters in the northern lower part of Michigan streams and rivers. Nicole is a Ph.D student at Michigan State University. This is a MUST listen podcast episode! Nicole is an avid angler herself with a focus and passion on making this initiative be the one that will work for the Arctic Grayling. I myself couldn’t be happier that there are folks out there like Nicole, working hard to bring back a piece of the past and a piece of natural wild Grayling to Michigan. Enjoy!

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