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Tales from the Archer

Tales from the Archer

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on February 16, 2020

Show Notes

Nick took a Saturday to explore the Kalamazoo Traditional Archery Expo held each year in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Vendors, Boyers, Enthusiasts, and first timers all gather to share a piece of archery nuance, of simple stick and string. Being more of a collection of conversations, Nick found folks who hold different views about traditional archery; a skeptic, a full embraced, a character, cut from his own cloth, and a legend in the making. While this episode lacks depth in how to information, I hope it invites you to fall back in time, and try simply stick and string.

*Apologies for the background noise, difficult to record at conventions and on the road*

Show Notes

While at the “Trad Expo” I thought I would try and capture the feel for the sport of traditional archery. In recent years, many have gone back to shooting traditional gear as recreation or as a new challenge to themselves as a hunter. I myself, do not claim to be an expert, but have a couple years under my belt shooting a longbow. It has brought fun back to backyard practice and, I believe, made me into a better archer. My guests are individuals who, first had the time to chat, and are passionate about archery:

Adam Miller, Host of Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast:

Adam plays the skeptic, at first not wanting to follow the crowd into some new fad, but is open minded about his own ventures into using a new to him recurve he recently acquired.

Neil Summers, Host of Chasin’ It / BHA Indiana Co-Chair:

Neil is a guy who has drank the traditional kool-aid real deep. His pursuits include not only longbows and recurves, but flintlocks and fly fishing. His enjoyment of the great outdoors, using equipment from days past has become a large part of his channel, highlighting the men and women who love primitive pursuits.

Tex Grebner, Host of Tex Grebner Outdoors:

Tex is larger than life. His hard ass presona and choice in seriously heavy draw weight, mirrored by his fast talk and quick wit make it enjoyable to watch on youtube and talk with in real life. He talks about why heavy poundage helps him in the field, and why real traditional bowhunters would go hungry in the name of sport and fair chase.

Henry Bodnik, Boyer / Owner of Bodnik Bows.

I'm still kicking myself on why I didn't record our conversation. I hope to run into Henry again soon. His love for archery and hunting grew in an environment very much against hunting. His work of creating fine bows that are very effective and beautiful at the same time. Now that I have his signature on the bow itself, it might bring me some luck in 2020.

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