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Takeaways From Early Alabama Opener

Takeaways From Early Alabama Opener

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on October 19, 2020

Show Notes

This week Parker and Drew are going over some of their main takeaways from hunting the early Alabama opener. With 3 deer on the ground already, it would seem as though the deer movement has been good, however that is not the case for them, or many people they have talked to from the area. The guys talk in depth about the areas that are usually hotspots for the mid October opener, that just haven't produced any sightings, nor do they have the amount of sign that they usually have. They also tell the stories of the deer they have killed, talking further about the effectiveness of a high FOC arrow build & some of the tactics they used to come out of the woods successful. Parker also talks about an encounter he had with a huge, mature, and reclusive Alabama giant buck this weekend, and how it nearly worked out!

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