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Spring Turkey Talk with Jared and James of Bowga Hunting

Spring Turkey Talk with Jared and James of Bowga Hunting

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on April 25, 2021

Show Notes

Jared Gortsema and James Zandstra are hunting partners and creators of the Bowga Hunting Podcast. The two are native Michiganders who enjoy the thrill of exploring public land and pursuing game. Their passion for being sportsmen has led them to Wisconsin for public land whitetails. Jared takes a real liking to scouting and working the chess match for mature bucks. Another adventure of theirs, takes them to the mountains of West Virginia to hunt black bear. James is a traditional enthusiast, hunting with a recurve. He was able to take a bear with that recurve.

Both Jared and James enjoy the opportunity to bring home wholesome wild protein to their families. Being spring, Nick wanted to get their thoughts on what they are doing with their turkey. James tossed around the idea of making his bird last longer, by making sausage that he could freeze and use throughout the year. He is also not opposed to smoking a breast and and going cold cut style. Thin slices with some spicy homemade mayo. Jared is thinking of a smoked braise on the dark meat. Translating a venison shoulder recipe with a dark beer to a turkey leg and thigh with some citrus and a michigan classic, Oberon.

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