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Sportsmen’s New Year’s Resolutions with Justin Townsend

Sportsmen’s New Year’s Resolutions with Justin Townsend

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on January 03, 2021

Show Notes

Justin Townsend is the Editor-in-Chief of the website and podcast, Harvesting Nature. Since 2011, Harvesting Nature has been sharing stories and recipes all surrounding our wild game. Justin has a passion for the outdoors and being a trained chef, has a deep respect for harvesting foods. The episode breaks into chatting about the basis around Harvesting Nature, a hunting and wildgame website that Nick found early on in his hunting career. Loads of stories and recipes for just about every critter in North America. Justin had to also choose his favorite to chase, being pronghorn. When having to answer his favorite to eat, rabbit was his choice. Nick then transitions into 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Sportsmen:

  1. Cook a cut/organ of a familiar hunted/fished animal
  2. Hunt a new species, in a new area/state
  3. Serve wildgame to non-hunter/ someone unfamiliar to wildgame
  4. Volunteer funds or time to organizations who benefit wildlife
  5. Teach someone who is interested in hunting / how you hunt
  6. Bring more valuable content to sportsman

These resolutions are just that, great ideas for the coming year. But what they hold is the idea of giving back to the habitat that helped create our passion for hunting and cooking. On top of not only giving back, but expanding our own understanding of using parts not familiar, or chasing something completely different in a completely new environment.

Justin brings a to the table for his dish breakdown, a Squirrel Chili. Going with braised squirrel that you pull instead of ground meat. He goes a red chili route using tomatoes, ancho chilis, and onions all charred on the grill. Justin also cautions that keeping the spice mild with the squirrel being such a mild meat, and the braising helps keep a usually dryer meat be more moist and tender. Nick interjects another question about pairing a brew the squirrel and Justin suggests a Pale Ale. He also adds that across the board with wildgame and beer, that “less is best”. Selecting a beer that has less body and flavor compared to the protein being served. His second dish that he would serve to his wife who enjoys seafood is a Tuna Burger. Using a chunk style and getting a sear on the sides. Being careful with the patty being that it has limited binders added.

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