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Specialization is Only for Insects

Specialization is Only for Insects

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on November 09, 2020

Show Notes

Shane Ball, former professional chef, took his trade to a very high level. Starting as a kid who wanted to make money and found a dishwashing position, and worked his way to making food for one of the most notorious chefs in the world. His travels and training opened his horizons to a world of mixing flavors and preparing high level dishes.

Shane isn’t all foodie, but also hunts and forages in Alberta, Canada. He chases many species, but explains that Elk, with the exciting way of calling and chasing is his favorite. Next to moose, it offers quantity along with the quality of meat harvested.

An earlier episode, we discussed how using some economical knives in your kit, saves cash, but improves your skill as a sharpener. Shane offers a different perspective, get the pricy knife. When you’re ready, making the purchase will help in your slicing and dicing. I’m hard pressed to upscale my butcher’s kit, but my kitchen gear could use an upgrade.

Shane also takes some avenues that i’ve never even thought of. Like savory oatmeal to serve with venison, I did not expect that. Looks like my side dish game is getting turned on its head.

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