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Spartan Forge with Bill Thompson

Spartan Forge with Bill Thompson

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on September 02, 2020

Show Notes

In today's episode I have Bill Thompson as a guest to talk about Spartan Forge. In essence, this is an app that hunters would be able to utilize to tell them when and where are the best times and places to hunt. What makes Spartan Forge unique, however, is how those predictions are made. See, Bill has spent a couple decades working in military intelligence where massive amounts of data are filtered through computers to identify patterns. Then the computers will use those patterns to predict what will happen on future events. This is what's referred to as machine learning, and a big part of the beginning of the podcast goes into a little more detail on exactly what's going on, and why such a massive amount of data couldn't be analyzed meaningfully by an individual or even groups of individuals. During development, Spartan Forge's machine would be fed more and more data to make it more accurate, but would then be tested against new real world deer data to assess accuracy. So, really, there's no human bias. As a data guy myself, I found this whole discussion very interesting.

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