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Solo Archery Elk Hunting with Brandon Mcdonald

Solo Archery Elk Hunting with Brandon Mcdonald

Transition Wild  / 

Posted on June 19, 2020

Show Notes

Today we have a really cool episode where we are talking solo, DIY public land elk hunting with Brandon Mcdonald. Brandon embarked on his first archery elk hunt in 2019 and we cover everything from preparation, gear, the highlights, and the struggles. We also talk about what he learned from his experiences and what he changing up for 2020 in order to tip the odds in his favor.

It takes grit and a whole lot of mental toughness to keep grinding even when every voice inside your head is telling you to back out, pack up camp and get the hell out of there. Solo archery elk hunting is no joke so we talk about the mental struggles he experienced and how he dealt with them during his week long hunt in Utah. If you are new to elk hunting and are planning a solo archery elk hunt this fall, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Brandon has been self filming his hunts and produces some really cool, informational archery videos on his YouTube channel so make sure to check those out here:

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