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Social Groups and Forums To Catch More Fish w/ Wes Smith

Social Groups and Forums To Catch More Fish w/ Wes Smith

Freshwater Bite  /  Season 1 • Episode 9

Posted on October 30, 2018

Show Notes

When you walk into your local bait shop or Bass Pro you'll find that there are aisles full of the latest and greatest sonar technologies, GPS, lures, rods and all sorts of things. You may think you have to spend a pretty penny to put more fish in the boat. Not always the case though. Social media platforms and online forums have become an anglers digital bait shop it seems. Not to mention blogs and podcasts, like this one, seem to share ideas that will keep you sharp and informed all season.

Joining or even starting a Facebook group or forum is a great way to get conversations going to help build a community of anglers catch more fish on their local bodies of water. Becoming part of online communities may help you for a plan on how you fish your local body of waters and can help save on time and money.

Take for instance one of my favorite online groups that is helping me boat more fish, Metro Detroit Walleye Stalkers. I am joined on today's podcast by Wes Smith, who is the owner and group administrator. I firmly believe some of the questions, ideas and dialog's conducted on well run groups like the Stalkers have more value than one would think. It is important however to make sure you find the right online page or group that is right for you.

On this episode I ask Wes what it takes to have a successful online Facebook group. We also talk about the fall walleye bite happening right now, techniques to catch those fish and Wes's unique boat of choice he fishes out of. Wes and I had a great conversation and is one you'll notice has the best price tag of all............FREE!


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