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Sharing The Experience with Mark Haslam

Sharing The Experience with Mark Haslam

The Average Conservationist  / 

Posted on May 03, 2022

Show Notes

This week on The Average Conservationist Podcast, Marcus sits down with Mark Haslam. Mark runs Southeast Whitetail as well as contributes various writings for Wired to Hunt. Mark and I recap the past two years since he first joined me on the podcast and spend a good amount of time discussing land management and new hunter recruitment. Mark and his family have been managing their farm for the past 15 years and the knowledge and experience they have gained can really help anyone in getting started on their own land management projects. Along with creating Southeast Whitetail, Mark started his own podcast highlighting and discussing various conservation topics in the southeast. Be sure to check out everything that Mark has going on and follow along on his conservation journey.

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