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Setting Up Your Bow For Western Hunting with Jake Bell

Setting Up Your Bow For Western Hunting with Jake Bell

Transition Wild  / 

Posted on July 05, 2019

Show Notes

Today I’m joined by my friend Jake Bell who is a super knowledgeable bow technician in Colorado. We talk all things related to archery setups and dialing in your bow for western big game hunting. When chasing elk in unforgiving mountain terrain, your bow has to be bomb proof and Jake talks about the things we can do to prepare and to ensure our equipment doesn't fail in the field or let us down during the moment of truth. Elk and mule deer are bigger animals than your average whitetail and sometimes the shot distances can be further, so we cover arrow weight, spine, FOC, and tuning your bow to maximize kinetic energy.

We also talk about beginner archery and the process Jake goes through to set up a new hunter with a bow and how things like brace height and axle to axle measurements matter. We cover a bunch of technical aspects of compound bows and how small adjustments can make big differences. Lastly, we cover archery form, the overall shot process, and some tips to make you a more confident hunter and archer this fall.

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