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Seek Outside with Dennis Poirier

Seek Outside with Dennis Poirier

Backcountry Rookies  / 

Posted on May 11, 2020

Show Notes

Dennis Poirier From Seek Outside is on today to talk about some of the options Seek Outside carries in their line of shelters. We also dig into their ultralight tent stoves and backpacks to give you an idea of the variety of products Seek offers. Dennis discusses a Redcliff with a half nest. A half nest is a great option for those who don't want to worry about bugs or critters getting into your floorless shelter. They sell a half nest in many sizes to fit the needs of any shelter. He talks about the Cimarron with a U-Turn Ultralight stove set up and the liner. Stoves are a popular topic so we discuss the types of stoves Seek offers and what size might be best for you and your needs. The liner is a great way to prevent condensation that can build inside of the ultralight fabric and Dennis explains how it works. Lastly, Dennis touches on the Silex which is a great option for the ounce counting backpack mule deer or elk hunter or hiker who wants to shave some weight. He talks through the easy setup and zipperless closure. There is a mountain of information in this podcast and plenty to learn about and make a decision for your next backcountry hunt.

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