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Secrets to Baiting Bears

Secrets to Baiting Bears

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast  / 

Posted on September 02, 2020

Show Notes

This is our most informative bear-baiting podcast to date. Veteran bear hunters Heath Martin and Ryan Greb talk with Clay Newcomb, from start to finish, on how to bait and target big bears. They cover topics including: where to place a bait site, what type of feeders to use, how far in advance to start feeding bears, what type of bait and how much, using scent attractants, how to target big bears, hunting strategy for opening day and the proper way to celebrate when you kill a 500 pounder (HA!). You can learn a lot about bear behavior by observing bears at a bait site. Clay attributes his knowledge of the habits of non-baited bears to extensively studying how bears manage food source on bait. Overall, this is the most robust, informative podcast we've done on baiting bears and you're bound to learn something. Good luck bear hunting this fall.

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