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Sean McVeigh of Sean's Outdoor Adventures

Sean McVeigh of Sean's Outdoor Adventures

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on January 24, 2019

Show Notes

On this episode we chat with Sean McVeigh from the Sean's Outdoor Adventures YouTube channel. Sean has produced hundreds of videos over the years with a focus on helping people hunt whitetail deer. Most of what he's known for is hunting in the Northeast, on public land in states like Pennsylvania and New York. Over the last couple of years however, Sean has made a move to the big buck state of Iowa.

In our discussion, Sean talked about some of his perceptions about Iowa, and his initial experiences doing an out-of-state public land hunt as a non-resident. He also told us about zone structure, private vs. public, and landowner information. Now that he's an Iowa resident, Sean wants to try and purchase land. Maybe not enough to totally replace public and permission-based access, but enough to have a worthy investment.

Lastly, given Sean's involvement in content creation, we wanted to get his thoughts on the modern era of information sharing and social media. It has certainly changed the way people learn and grow within hunting. However, it has come with a few downsides as well. Overall, it was a pleasure chatting with Sean and learning about his recent adventures in Iowa.

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