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Scott Leysath will Change your Mind

Scott Leysath will Change your Mind

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on June 21, 2020

Show Notes

On this episode Nick chats with the Sporting Chef, Scott Laysath. Having a handful of television shows, and an unusual start to his culinary career, Scott creates wildgame dishes that use sound kitchen technique, yet easy enough for even a first timer to grasp. Nick and Scott play a little game called “Change my mind” Where Scott will take some of your misconceptions, and get you to try something different. Cinch those apron strings tight, here we go.

Show Notes

Scott Laysath is host of the Sporting Chef and Dead Meat on Sportsman’s Channel. His culinary start went from managing a restaurant staff, to filling in as cook and chef. His approach to know what you are cooking, and “play with your food” mentality has made him a great resource for any sportsman who wants to improve their wild game meals.

Nick is always trying to improve kitchen skill. He asks about knife work. Having the opportunity to work in a commercial kitchen, practice cutting dozens of pounds of produce was never far away. Scott says get a 20 lb bag of carrots, and cut. Chop, slice, round, matchstick, etc., after all that your knife game will be vastly improved, or at least you’ll have a killer grip.

During the episode, Nick plays a game entitled “Change my mind”. Nick takes a very opinionated position, commonly held by hunters, and Scott invites us to think outside of those boxes. Examples include: Big northern cedar bucks don't taste good, skin on fish fillets are worth the time, and “eating crow” might not be that bad.

On a tangent, Scott describes how he is able to put all the extra fresh herbs to work by creating his own herb butter. He stems all his herbs, and gives them a good mince. Softening a bunch of butter, he is able to add the herbs into the butter. Work them in thoroughly, then shape the butter back into a tube or stick and harden in the freezer, and move to the fridge when hard. Now when you are needing to baste that duck or steak, you have premade herb butter to use. Tune into The Sporting Chef, or Deadmeat on Sportsmen Channel. Otherwise find him on youtube or his website:

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