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River Bottom Whitetails with Lucas Cayko

River Bottom Whitetails with Lucas Cayko

Nine Finger Chronicles  / 

Posted on May 19, 2020

Show Notes

When it come to having a passion for the outdoors, todays guest is second to none. On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan is joined by bowhunter Lucas Cayko to discuss learning to hunt in the river bottoms of North Dakota. Lucas and Dan talk about how he was learning to bowhunt at the same time his father was, how they went through a similar learning curve, and how they used to hunt as a team to track down and make moves on mature bucks.

Lucas tells the story of the "Sunday Buck", a mature whitetail he and his father were chasing when he was 15 that only seemed to be active on, you guessed it, Sunday. Lucas and his dad had an idea that lead them to using the river as an access route to backdoor the area this buck was living. Although they didn't kill the deer, this opened up a whole new way of accessing the public land ground that they hunt, giving them more opportunities and mature bucks over the years.

The guys also get in to a good discussion about how water levels affect deer movement, how the deer move between the lower river bottom ground and the higher agriculture fields, and and overall discussion on his strategy.

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