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Research-Based Hunting and Land Management Strategy

Research-Based Hunting and Land Management Strategy

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on August 02, 2021

Show Notes

Have you ever been skeptical of scientific research or wondered how applicable is this really? Well, this podcast will leave the doubt to itself at the moment you hit play. Be prepared to be blown away.

For years now, we have preached, lectured, and shared the power of combining both security and quality cover in the same areas, we simply call them bedding thickets. We know that they are commonly used and are generally the most influential vegetation types offered for deer hunting. This theory may have just become a scientific fact, you be the judge. You will hear how GPS collars confirm the drive and selection of these areas over commonly hunted areas or those with less than an ideal cover. In addition, you will hear how to manage your timber. Does thinning more aggressively really pay off for more forbs produced?

We are anxiously awaiting the feedback on this podcast! Enjoy. Learn. Share!

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