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Replaceable Blade Hunting Knives

Replaceable Blade Hunting Knives

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on August 21, 2019

Show Notes

Bobby Boswell has an intense passion for replaceable blade knife design. He uses this style of knife on a very regular basis throughout the year doing work as a wildlife biologist, and he also uses them in the field for gutting or skinning game. The list of knives that Bobby has tested include models from Havalon, Tyto, Kershaw, Kestrel, Gerber, Civilware, Outdoor Edge, Columbia River, Gerry McGinnis and more. Topics of review include weight, ease of use, handle style, folding vs. fixed, safety, price, and utility.

There are even replaceable blade knives that have attachments for things other than blades, such as bone saws or even backpacking sporks. Every knife seems to have a set of pros and cons, but Bobby lays out what features he's found to be the best in certain brands as well as what he'd wish to see from certain manufacturers.

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