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Reaping The Rewards of Staying Mobile with Nick Williams

Reaping The Rewards of Staying Mobile with Nick Williams

Southern Ground  / 

Posted on January 03, 2020

Show Notes

Welcome to the Southern Ground Hunting podcast. Thanks for joining! On Episode 60, we're joined by Nick Williams, aka. Nutterbuster, talking about an Alabama public land SOA hunt he went on last week. During this hunt, Nick and his dad both killed personal best bucks, and it wasn't just coincidence. Nick tells us about how he scouted the area with a limited amount of time allowed. Not only that, but it was months before his hunt actually took place. With deer patterns constantly changing from early season to fall and fall to winter, this made them have to adapt to the situation and stay mobile to find the deer. We discuss his equipment, strategies, and mindset going into the hunt. The last two weeks, Nick has been on a deer killing spree. In fact, he just sat down to record after dragging another one out of the woods! Listen closely to this episode, as there are some things discussed that you'll need to engrave into your mind as a deer hunter!

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