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Public Land Spot-and-Stalk Bear Hunting with Moe Shepherd

Public Land Spot-and-Stalk Bear Hunting with Moe Shepherd

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast  /  Season 1 • Episode 12

Posted on December 13, 2018

Show Notes

On this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine podcast, Moe Shepherd and Clay Newcomb discuss hunting black bear on public land in the Eastern Deciduous forest without the use of bait or hounds. You might call it spot and stalk, but really it’s doing whatever it takes to take a bear which might involve treestand hunting, still hunting, hunting off the ground in a stationary position or spotting a bear and stalking it. We talk about how to find bears, where to find them, what they’re eating, what kind of sign to look for and the mentality you’ll need to be successful. We also tell some fun stories of successful hunts.

This is certainly one of the most difficult hunts in North America, yes, you read that right – we gladly invite the most elite of Western hunters to the East and give them a week to kill a bear! It isn’t easy! Bears are low density animals, and when you combine that with low visibility you end up with a challenging hunt, but that’s what makes it so satisfying when success finds you. Please check out and subscribe to Bear Hunting Magazine for more great information about hunting the icon of North American wilderness – the bear.

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