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Pre-ATA and Broadhead/Arrow Recap

Pre-ATA and Broadhead/Arrow Recap

DIY Sportsman  / 

Posted on January 08, 2019

Show Notes

The ATA show is right around the corner, so Garrett and Bobby discussed all the things that they really hope to see come out of the event. The industry tends to cover two very separate styles of hunting. One caters to the private land crowd, with box blinds, food products, and land management resources, while the other (growing) side caters to the run and gun hunter. Of course, there are plenty of brands and products that are a potential fit for all archers as well. Technology improvements will receive a lot of press and debate, so the two are interested to see what product "steals the show".

Besides just ATA talk, Garrett and Bobby wanted to revisit broadhead and arrow selections. With a few podcasts earlier in the year specifically based on arrow weight, terminal performance, and broadhead style, Garrett in particular tried a more "deeply penetrating" setup of a heavy arrow and small cut-on-contact monolithic fixed blade. The potential advantages to such a set up are allowing for increased shot opportunities when the shoulder becomes a non-issue on whitetails (with the right setup). After trying the heavy arrow setup for a whole season, Garrett discussed whether or not he'd stick to the high penetration setup or dial back to something allowing for bigger blood trails next season. Bobby is still on the hunt for a perfect traditional arrow. Trying to choose the perfect setup is something that simply never gets old.

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