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Pleasant Pheasant

Pleasant Pheasant

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on January 16, 2019

Show Notes

Nick was invited along on a Michigan pheasant hunt. He lays out the details of the hunt with his friends Judd and Ben. Later, he recounts the hunt and some of the steps necessary to prepare the birds for a fully flavorful meal. Where is Dustin you ask? probably checking the ice, still to thin around here for any kind of ice fishing yet.

Field Care and Prep of Pheasant

Hanging birds feathered and guts in.

All a matter of taste: fresh=mild aged=uniqueness

Hank recommends a week for older/wild birds. 1-3 days for younger/pen raised birds 50 to 55 degrees

Plucking: tedious. Skin so thin that 3-4 feathers is the max to not tear the skin.

Why pluck? Natural fat of the bird=more pheasant flavor

Treatment of MY birds:

24 hour hang from the foot, smile string tied to a shelf rack and a double loop in an uninsulated garage (low to mid 30s)

2 roosters skinned for mounts 4 birds plucked and gutted. Another couple nights in a fridge before being vac sealed and froze down for later. With the exception of 1.

Dish 1: Roasted Pheasant Crown.

Separate the top, the breast, from of the carcass. Vac the back and neck to make stock and soup. Leg quarters vac and froze for later braising/confit

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