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Planting Natives and Homesteading in the Mid-Atlantic

Planting Natives and Homesteading in the Mid-Atlantic

Land & Legacy  / 

Posted on June 22, 2020

Show Notes

On a recent trip to the mid-Atlantic region, Matt was able to spend time reviewing success from a client who planted diverse natives as well as met with a new landowner who has converted just 1.5 acres into a food production mecca! You will hear about both wonderful stories on this week's podcast.

It is a joy to share with everyone the success that those who implement the plans have. These real-life examples are perfect to build off of and use as encouragement for others to replicate this success on their own property. We sit down with Kevin of southern Maryland to discuss the progress of the native wildlife corridors he planted. In just year two this planting is booming with life from diverse grasses to many pollinator species.

In addition, we interview Daniel Adams of Up and Adams Farm. Daniel is a brand new client of Land & Legacy, but while onsite, we took time to review the other ways he is using his land. Daniel and his family devote 1.5 acres to food production. This includes 40 laying chickens, 90 meat chickens, 5 pigs, and a 7,500 sq foot garden that could support 30 different families. This type of production out of 1.5 acres is incredible! We can't wait to hear what you think about this content!

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