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Photography and Fishing with Brian Eavey

Photography and Fishing with Brian Eavey

Freshwater Bite  / 

Posted on November 18, 2020

Show Notes

Behind every good photo there is a person trying to tell a story by freezing one moment in time. How you take that photo can be the difference between a great story and a forgettable one. I would think a great photographer is trying to make sure you always remember their story or at least the way they would like to tell it. Brian Eavey joins the podcast to tell his story about how he got into fishing and how picking up a camera has put him behind the lens photographing some of the most famous anglers in the bass fishing world. We talk about life’s unexpected paths and how different doors of opportunities open themselves up by putting in the work. Brian is in my opinion a great photographer in the outdoors world and one who’s work I enjoy following. If you want to learn some more basic 101 photography tips, this episode is a great spot to start. Enjoy!

Brian’s Insta: @brianeavey_photo

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