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Peak to Plate with Annie Weisz

Peak to Plate with Annie Weisz

The Huntavore  / 

Posted on May 10, 2021

Show Notes

This episode of Huntavore highlights Annie Weisz, author of Peak to Plate. Peak to Plate is a website all dedicated to things using wildgame. Annie began her adventure by being along side her mother in the kitchen. Developing a love and passion for food, even her day job has her looking at nutrition being a Dietitian. Annie has been surrounded by hunting and fishing, her step father teaching her to flyfish, joining her husband on hunts for Elk (even while pregnant!). Annie has had opportunity to play with wild game, but when she had her boys it took on more of an importance.

Annie started her website as a way to document her recipes. She loves bold flavors, and interesting cuisine. So translating her wonderful protein into dishes that are very exciting and different from the norm. Personally, Nick was looking at the Whitetail Sushimi. Anytime you are consuming raw meat, you should take great care, but the flavor and texture that you get doubled with an asian ponzu sauce is well worth the effort. Annie also translated a staple in India into a fantastic Butter Pheasant recipe. For these examples and tons more, head over to or follow along in instagram

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